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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Miss River Delta 2013

I've thought quite a bit about what I wanted to say to introduce myself as the first ever Miss River Delta. For sure, I'm not new to this world of glamour, false eyelashes, and beautiful gowns. With this title, I am entering into my fourth year in the Miss Arkansas Organization. Still, there is something very fresh and very new about my final opportunity for the job of my dreams.

Since being crowned, I have been contacted by many people who after expressing their congratulations were quick to relay their shock at hearing I was returning to the state stage. Most people assumed I was finished because I had aged out of the system, a few figured I had just moved on, and the others, well they had heard it directly from me that I had decided not to continue competing. Yes it's true. I spent the majority of this year having convinced myself that I was not going to try again. I told myself comforting things like "you had a great run," "you ended on a good note," and "there just must be something else that God has in store for you." With this mindset, I set out to discover just what God's big plan must be.

I don't know if you've ever attempted this. I mean, the bible is clear that God intricately designed us and has a plan for our lives. Jeremiah 29:11 is a favorite Christian quotation, "For I know the plans I have for you declare the Lord..." With this powerful scripture in mind, I believed that God was going to directly answer me with a plan, a goal, a something that would put me on that "one-single plan" He had for me. You see, 2012 was an intense year of self discovery and development for me. I spent a third of that year living in the Third world, and upon returning to the USA my life was consumed with all things pageant. By the end of last July nothing in my life looked as I had expected it to. There was a phenomenal new Miss Arkansas named Sloane Roberts. I wasn't leaving the country. I was scrambling to make ends meet with two jobs and a plan to finish my second degree. And so, I made some declarations. I put my trust in God. And I started seeking Him for that elusive plan.

My new sisters! 

....And nothing. Not a whisper. Not a nudge. Nada. Pretty much every decision I've made this year has been mine. Some of them good and some of them taught me a few tough life lessons. One of the biggest lessons learned: God gave us reason and logic for a reason. Seeking Him and desiring to live in His will isn't a recipe for easy answers and a smooth path. I think He wants us to make decisions. Indecisiveness never served anyone. And you know, throughout this season, I have grown. Stepping into the unknown unsure of God's ultimate design has required me to trust Him more than ever before.

My new teen sister!

So to reign this all in, what I want to tell you about my decision to compete in Miss River Delta 2013, is that I'm still unsure of what the future holds. But because of my intense desire to be Miss Arkansas, I'm positive that it includes preparing for that goal. God didn't tell me that this was my path, but He did tell me it was time to act and to make a decision. And I couldn't be more excited about it!

There are some wonderful people that volunteer their time throughout the year to ensure the success of the Miss Arkansas Organization. This year 45 young women from all over the state will compete for the position of the goodwill ambassador for Arkansas and I have the privilege of being one of them. I'll keep you updated on my service to local communities through this blog. I hope you'll follow along with my journey to Miss Arkansas 2013!