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Friday, May 17, 2013

Thus Far on the Road to Miss Arkansas 2013

Later today I will be leaving for Little Rock, AR. It's a very eventful weekend starting tomorrow with the Miss Arkansas Tony Bowls Photoshoot! I'll be keeping you updated via Twitter and Facebook all weekend so be sure and follow me. After coming back to Jonesboro for a couple of hours to watch my cousin graduate high school from my alma mater, it will be back to Little Rock for the Miss Arkansas Contestant Meeting, Golf Tournament, and tour of Arkansas Children's Hospital. See?! I told you it would be eventful!

So before jumping in this weekend after turning in paperwork as an official contestant for the title of Miss Arkansas 2013, I thought you might like to see what I've been up to as Miss River Delta 2013 so far! Fair warning, I plan to post lots of pictures!!!

First we'll start with some stage competition preparation. The Lifestyle and Fitness competition, better known as "Swimsuit," is very important to me. After struggling with my weight on a Ugandan diet of carbs and little protein, I made it my goal to put my body back to its healthy self. Luckily I found the perfect trainer to help me accomplish those goals. I can happily say that today I'm right on track with my goals to get back into a healthier lifestyle. I've even started running! (Huge, just trust me.) Thank you so much Robert Stafford at Stafford Training Systems! And who says the gym can't be fun? At S.T.S. we know how to work and play hard.

Why don't we catch up on a little philanthropy? As most of you reading this blog are already aware, the Miss America Organization partners with Children's Miracle Network Hospitals to raise funds for 170 Children's Hospitals across the U.S. Every year it is an honor to team up with my pageant sisters and help to fund this life-giving cause. Thank you to McAlister's & Local Culture in Jonesboro, AR for allowing us to raise funds through your business!

If you'd like to make a donation to CMNH and help me get to Miss Arkansas, then click the link to the right of this post! I appreciate your support!

And last, but certainly not least, I'll share with you the goings on of last weekend. Thursday evening began with mock interviews after I got off work and drove into Blytheville, AR. Friday is where the real fun was had! See for your self:

These are a few of the students I got to speak to about their transition to middle school next year as the 5th and 6th graders move from Blytheville Intermediate School to Middle School. We talked about the problem of bullying, how to get involved in school and the community, and I encouraged them to dream big dreams! It's always a joy to share with others the reasons it is important to serve others, but what these precious ones don't know is that their attentiveness and questions served to make my difficult weekend a little brighter after the loss of my uncle. I just love these smiles!!!

Most popular question of the day: "Does your crown have real diamonds?" 

Don't worry, the weekend didn't stop there. Saturday morning, my sister queens and I got up to join the Blytheville Fishing Derby. This was the last time for this annual event and we sure made the most of it! Check out my blue ribbon! (note: no fishing took place on my part which is probably for the best) ;)

I always enjoy spending time with Marrietta Jerome, the best director and friend a girl could ask for!

We concluded the weekend with Mayfest in Downtown Blytheville. We walked and talked with the different booth workers, marched in the opening ceremony, and sang to passers-by (Top photo). All in all, our pageant feet were good and sore by the end of the day, but spending time with the great people of Northeast Arkansas definitely makes the aches a little easier to bare. My final photo is just me spending a little time with Africa! I know, right?! What are the odds? She had heard me speak at B.I.S. the day before and was quick to tell me she shared a name with one of my favorite places in the whole world!

That's all for now, but don't worry, my camera and journal are going with me to Little Rock this weekend! More to come soon...

Until then...

Blessings to you and yours,