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Thursday, August 22, 2013

30 Day Challenge

I have been on a hiatus as of late, and decided yesterday on a long, thought provoking drive back to Jonesboro from St. Louis that it is high time I got back into gear in the blogosphere. What can I say?

I've missed you!

So in an effort to push myself back into the writing groove, I decided to attempt my own version of a "30 day challenge." The terms of which I had plenty of time to think through on my drive. I promise to work on more pensive posts again soon, but this is a marathon, not a sprint! That said, here are my terms:

1. Daily Bible Reading
          (Should already be a priority...how old am I?)
2. No Sodas
          (Or more appropriately in my case, NO RedBull!)
3. No fast food
          (Excluding 2 allowed Taco Bell purchases. All things in moderation, right?)
4. No gluten
          (The pageant career retirement has not been kind to my healthier lifestyle preference...)
5. More fruit
          (This was a diet "no-no" leading up to Miss Arkansas.)
6. Minimum of 10 minutes of exercise daily
          (Again, I've clocked ZERO exercise minutes post Miss AR 2013)
7. Must be able to run two miles at the conclusion of the challenge
          (Have my sights set on a Color Run!)
8. Bake an apple pie
          (refer to #4)
9. Limit of two Starbucks purchases a week
          (Caffeine addicts anonymous)
10. Take my vitamins...regularly
          (Because I'm not sure I still have an immune system)
11. ProActive every night
          (Bad skin? Ain't nobody got time for that!)
12-14. Are personal
          (Don't worry I know what they are. Cruel right?)
15. Finally, introduce (and stick to) a blogging schedule
          (30 days of accountability should do the trick!)

This will all begin today, Friday, August 23, 2013. Why Friday? Because it's not Monday. Why not the first of September, given that September contains exactly 30 days? Because I'm impatient. I think that about covers it!

Fingers crossed I'll balance back from this extreme swing in all directions that has plagued my post pageant self. Also, if all goes as planned, I'll even update you on my thoughts since July and plans for the future. But for now, we'll keep it slow. Marathon, remember?

What are ways you could challenge yourself for the next 30 days? (No reason to wait until January 1)