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About Somer

Somer is 23 years old and resides in Jonesboro, AR. She is a graduate of Arkansas State University. Currently, she holds one Bachelors of Arts in Philosophy with a minor in Mathematics, and she will soon complete her second Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies with foci in Physics, Mathematics, and French. Somer was honored to receive the Distinguished Service Award from ASU which recognizes it's graduates for their service to the community and to the university. While at ASU she served as the Public Relations Director to the Student Government Association in 2009-2010 and was chosen by her peers as the Senator of the Year in 2008-2009 when she served the organization as the Honors College Senator. Somer was also an active member of the Honors College Association where she served as President, Vice-President, Public Relations Director, and Freshman Senator. Because of her service to the University in leadership, Somer was also selected as a Global Student Leader and traveled to Switzerland and France. Somer hopes to attend graduate school at the Clinton School of Public Service for a Masters in Public Service. One day Somer hopes to run her own non-profit organization.

Earlier this year, Somer spent four months living and volunteering in the country of Uganda. This eye opening experience has solidified Somer's desire to make a difference not just in our world, but in her local community. Somer saw firsthand the effects of poverty on a society and she believes that by serving our local communities and then reaching out to our national and international community, this world can truly see positive change. To read more about her time in Uganda visit the "idwellinhope" tab at the top of this page.

Somer is the reigning Miss Lights of the Delta and will be competing for the title of Miss Arkansas 2012 this July in Hot Springs.

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