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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Miss Missouri 2013

This past weekend I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the Miss Missouri's Outstanding Teen and Miss Missouri Pageants! Thank you so much to those who made this trip possible. The Miss Missouri Pageant is such a wonderful experience. The pageant production is top notch, and the emcee Sydney Friar,  Miss Missouri 2011, reminded me of our wonderful Lacey Fleming Glover, Miss Arkansas 2004, with her ease standing at the mic and keeping the whole audience entertained with quick wit and poise!

Never to be forgotten, is my growing relationship with my sister queens. If there was just one thing I could take with me when my time competing is all over, I could never give up the genuine relationships I've made with the other contestants. Our Miss Arkansas contestants are truly some of the most amazing people I've had the privilege of meeting. And my sisters this year are no exception. Jennifer, Miss Northeast Arkansas, and Maggie Benton, Miss Lights of the Delta, are two pretty impressive young women, and I can't wait for Arkansas to see that on the stage this July!

With the Miss Missouri royalty!

The Gaggle! 
(nickname courtesy of our Director, Marrietta Jerome)

Yes, we're definitely getting swimsuit ready at Dairy Queen!

The last thing I'll share with you this post is that in addition to the pageant highlights from the weekend, my time in Missouri also came with a very special lunch with one of my best college friends who I haven't seen in nearly two year! Shannon is one of the most faithful people I know, and because of her great relationship with Jesus she is someone I frequently turned to in college. She served as my Vice President when I was President of the Honors College Association, we were involved in the ASU Student Government Association together, and now she is excelling at her next big adventure: becoming Dr. Hutson. That's right, she's in medical school, and I just know this world is going to see some amazing things from her.

More to come soon from my latest appearances. So thrilled to say I have a booked calendar leading right up to the Miss Arkansas Pageant. Check back for frequent updates!

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